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David travels around the world sharing the experience of God's unconditional Love of perfect oneness. His teachings are available on a wide range of resources including videos, podcasts, Spreaker audio talks, music, mind training programs and websites.
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study curriculum designed to bring a consistent state of peace and happiness. Its simple, yet careful structure clarifies the essential wisdom.What is A Course in Miracles?
A Course in Miracles is a spiritual text that was received through inner dictation by Helen Schucman, a Columbia University psychologist. She had been a self-professed “militant atheist” who, in the fall of 1965, began to have a series of visions, heightened dreams, and psychic experiences. One of these messages said, “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” Seven years later, the Course was completely scribed and typed and published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace. Since then, it has become a modern spiritual classic with over three million copies sold worldwide, without any advertising.
Its message is that the true nature of God and the human condition have been forgotten, and that forgiveness is the key to reclaiming this knowledge. It is not a religion, a therapy, or an ideology, but is instead a comprehensive mind training program that focuses on changing the way we think and feel about everything. Its teachings are profound and poetic, but they are also very practical. The daily Workbook lessons provide a systematic, step-by-step approach by which we can apply the course’s principles to our lives and experience their healing power. um curso em milagres videos 
Awakening Through A Course in Miracles clarifies the essential wisdom of ACIM, focuses on practical application, and progresses from the simple to the most advanced teachings. The book is available in print and e-book form. PATRICK MILLER is a writer, editor, and speaker specializing in spirituality, human potential, and creativity. He trained as an investigative journalist and has studied A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram system of personality, Jungian depth psychology, and shamanism extensively. He has applied these spiritual principles to his own life, and writes about them from a non-judgmental perspective.The Teachings
David Hoffmeister is a non dual teacher and modern-day mystic who travels around the world sharing his experience of God's Love and oneness. His consistently peaceful state of mind and radiant joy are a living demonstration of his dedication to Truth. He welcomes everyone with an open heart and a deep acceptance that the only way to happiness is through forgiveness.
David began his journey to spiritual Enlightenment in 1986 when he encountered A Course in Miracles, and recognized it as the tool that would transform his mind and perceptions. He immediately immersed himself in its study, reading it every waking hour for two years. He also sought out the company of other ACIM students and attended up to five groups a week. Through his clear understanding of the function of forgiveness in spiritual Awakening, and his uncompromising teachings on the power of Love to heal the world, he has been a beacon of light for many.
In 2015, he was inspired to start recording his daily ACIM lessons on Spreaker and YouTube, with readings and insights from the text and workbook. This new format allows him to reach people all over the world.
He is also the author of several books, including Awakening Through A Course in Miracles, Levels of Mind, The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment, and Purpose Is the Only Choice. A music lover, he has set up a music pavilion that highlights various artists who share spiritual ideas through their music.
In addition to the ACIM texts, the website offers audio recordings of gatherings and teaching sessions around the world, searchable archives, and a variety of other resources, including the Daily Lessons, the Manual for Teachers, and Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and The Song of Prayer: Forgiveness, Prayer and Healing, which offer additional application of the Course's principles, specifically in the areas of prayer and psychotherapy.The Text
A Course in Miracles is a self-study program designed to bring the student into a consistent state of peace and happiness. It consists of two volumes, the Text and the Workbook. The Text lays out the concepts upon which the Course is based, and the Workbook offers 365 lessons, one for each day of the year.
Throughout his life, David Hoffmeister has experienced the profound power of letting go and accepting what is. This has been a major theme in his teaching, and it is also the core of ACIM. The Course teaches us to release all judgment and condemnation, recognizing that everyone is innocent.
When David encountered A Course in Miracles a quarter of a century ago, he recognized it as the tool he had been seeking to shift his mind and perceptions. He immersed himself in its study, reading it nearly every waking hour for the next two years. The Course guided him to develop Levels of Mind and the Instrument for Peace, two profound tools for tracing any upset back to a belief in mind that needs to be let go.
David devoted himself to teaching the Course and became a tireless traveler, sharing his experience of God’s unconditional Love through forgiveness. Thousands have been touched by his consistently peaceful state of mind and radiant joy, and by his dedication to Truth.
His website contains a vast array of resources, from his YouTube and Spreaker audio talks to ACIM audios, mind training programs, music, writings, and subscriptions. The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is a non-profit organization that handles larger donations, allowing David to remain free to travel the world sharing the experience of Christ's divine Love of perfect oneness.The Workbook
The Workbook provides a step-by-step approach to releasing the guilt, fear, and pain that is so prevalent in our world. It uses the same principles of the Text, but is designed to be used day-to-day in a practical way. Each lesson, or section of the book, is designed to help you bring your experiences back to the level of consciousness where the thoughts that cause them originated, and to see the ego's lies for what they are.
When David Hoffmeister ACIM found the Course, he immersed himself in its study, reading it every waking hour for two years. He then began sharing what he was learning with anyone who wanted to hear it, and the community of students grew. It is from this group that many of today's leading non dual teachers emerged, including David.
One of the reasons David Hoffmeister is considered a leading non dual teacher is because of his radiant happiness and consistently peaceful state of mind. He is a living demonstration of the peace and contentment that can be achieved by letting go of all fear and holding onto all love. He is also a gifted teacher of the non duality teachings of A Course in Miracles and Advaita Vedanta.
He has founded the Foundation for the Awakening Mind, which offers a variety of non duality teachings and ACIM resources including audios from gatherings and teaching sessions around the world, music, meditations, videos, writings, and more. In addition, the Foundation hosts an online community of devoted students and has a bookstore that features books on ACIM and other spiritual topics. They have also developed Levels of Mind and the Instrument for Peace, both helpful tools to tracing present upsets back to their source in the beliefs held in your unconscious mind.The Community
David Hoffmeister is a modern-day mystic and non-dual teacher who travels the world sharing his consistent peace of mind and radiant joy. He has visited over 44 countries and 49 states to share his message of Love, Oneness, and Freedom. His journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles. His life is a living demonstration of the Awakened Mind.
David founded a community called the Circle of Support that provides a variety of ways for spiritual truth seekers to connect with each other and share in the work. These include online retreats, local events and groups, a prayer and support line, an extensive website with video talks, audio recordings, books, and more.
In 1996, David was guided to purchase a small house that would serve as his home base between travels. This became known as the Peace House, and it soon began to attract people from all over the world who wanted to deepen their spiritual practice. It also provided a space for those interested in learning to release the illusion of separation through practicing A Course in Miracles.
As he continued to apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles, David's clarity of understanding about them grew. He began to hear Jesus speak to him in his mind as a clear stream of thoughts, answering his questions, and providing inner guidance in every aspect of his life. He surrendered the day-to-day management of his affairs to Jesus and became completely dependent on the Holy Spirit for money, transportation, food, shelter, and the words to say to everyone he met.
In this ACIM movie workshop, David discusses several themes, including the importance of a direct experience of spirituality, being passersby, trusting in divine providence, finding one's worthiness, and more. He emphasizes the need to release judgments, follow inspiration, and be willing to let go of personal responsibility in order to find true happiness.

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